FAQs about “Calendar Creep”

1.What is Calendar creep?

Calendar creep is the continual movement of the first payday every fiscal year resulting in a pre-payment of salary to employees. In essence, schools are not permitted to pay employees in advance of work being performed.

2. Why does this occur?

Our payroll is on a bi-weekly basis (26 pays), and every five to seven years there would be 27 pays if we did not do this.

3. When will the Calendar creep occur?

August 2016

4. How will this affect employees?

In August 2016 there will be two paydays not three. There will be three weeks between the last pay in August 2016 and the first pay in September 2016.

Pay dates in August 2016 will be August 3, 2016, August 17, 2016 and then the next pay date will be
September 7, 2016. (Skip August 31. 2016)

5. What about overtime pay?

Overtime for eligible employees would still be calculated based upon actual hours worked that week. They
will get their overtime for the three week period on September 7, 2016 pay date.

(Overtime worked August 1, 2016 through August 21, 2016)

6.  When was the last time we had this happen?

The last time we had to adjust pay dates was August 2010.