The attendance office is located at the “E” door entrance by the auditorium. All students should enter through the attendance office vestibule after the doors have locked. Tardy students will be issued a pass to class.
Call out procedure:
Parents should report their student’s absence by calling the attendance line (330-653-1300) by 9am in the morning.Parents do not need to come in to the building if the absence has been reported on the attendance line. The student should stop by the attendance office in the morning to obtain a note to give the teacher at the time of their departure. Students must sign in/out at the attendance office when arriving/leaving.
Advanced Absences:
Students who know in advance that they will be absent from school must submit an Advanced Absence form to the attendance office. Forms can be obtained in the attendance office or main office.
Last minute appointments:
If an appointment is scheduled last minute, the call out procedure is the same. The quickest method to notify the attendance office is through the attendance line (330-653-1300.) If the student is unaware of the appointment, you may also call the main office and request a note be sent to the student. (330-653-1416).
Medical/Dental appointments:
A note is required upon the return to school for a medical or dental appointment to be excused.
For a full listing of attendance policies, please review the handbook. The HHS handbook can be found under the “About Us” tab on the HHS main page.

 Kris Griffiths
Kris Griffiths
Attendance Secretary
Phone: 330-653-1300
Fax: 330-653-1481
Email: griffitk@hudson.edu