REACH Program

Resources for Extending Academic and Creative Horizons

The mission of the Hudson City Schools, which also encompasses the REACH Program:


We provide an educational program that maximizes the intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of each child in a safe, nurturing, and diverse environment.

 For information on the proposed changes to our gifted service model beginning 2017-2018 click here.




The Ohio Department of Education mandates the identification of gifted learners.  It is the responsibility of each individual district to develop its own service plan.  The Hudson City Schools services gifted learners with a Cognitive Skills Index of 135 or higher.  These students  receive direct services in Reading/Language Arts from a Gifted Intervention Specialist in grades 3-8. This teacher serves as the teacher of record for reading in grades 3-5 and as the English teacher for these students in grades 6-8. The Gifted Intervention Specialists at the elementary levels also provide some math enrichment. The amount of this additional service varies according to the number of students being serviced.  There are opportunities for advanced programming in grades 9-12 through Advanced Placement courses and College Credit Plus options.


The State of Ohio identifies in the following areas:

  • Superior Cognitive Ability

Score two standard deviations above the mean minus the standard error of measurement on an intelligence test, perform at or above the 95th percentile on a basic or composite battery of a nationally normed achievement test, or attain an approved score on an above grade-level standardized, nationally normed test.

  • Specific Academic Ability in a Field

Perform at or above the 95th percentile at the national level on a standardized achievement test of specific academic ability in that field. A child may be identified as gifted in more than one specific academic ability field.

  • Creative Thinking Ability

Score one standard deviation above the mean minus the standard error of measurement on an intelligence test and attain a sufficient score, as established by the Department, on a test of creative ability or a checklist of creative behavior.

  • Visual or Performing Arts Ability

Demonstrate to a trained individual through a display of work, an audition, or other performance or exhibition, superior ability in a visual or performing arts area and attain a sufficient score, as established by the Department, on a checklist of behaviors related to a specific arts area.


Please note:
In compliance with the Ohio Operating Standards, we offer assessment opportunities two times per school year, fall and winter. 
The deadline to register for gifted testing for the 2017-2018 school year is
August 1, 2017
This deadline does not apply to new enrollees. 




Nyree Wilkerson-Gifted Coordinator    


Pat Armbruster (Grades 3 & 4)

McDowell and East Woods Elementary Schools  


Katherine Komar (Grades 4 & 5)

East Woods Elementary School    

330.653.1256 x4166


Sue Lutkus (Grades 6 & 8)

Hudson Middle School    

330.653.1316 x4047


Nyree Wilkerson (Grade 7)

Hudson Middle School    

330.653.1316 x4177



Gifted Coordinator