Welcome to McDowell Elementary
My name is Mark Leventhal  and I am the principal of McDowell. I have been principal of McDowell for 8 years.
A little bit about me:
I completed my student teaching
at McDowell in 1982. After that I taught in the Norton City Schools,teaching 5th grade one year and 8th grade American History the following year. I began my Hudson teaching career in 1985 and taught 5th grade for 16 years and 6th grade Language Arts for a year. I then became the 7th grade unit principal at Hudson Middle School. Three years after that I became principal of Hudson Elementary. In 2007 I became principal of McDowell. 
I am proud graduate of The University of Akron where I completed my undergraduate work. I hold 2 masters degrees; one in curriculum and instruction and the other in administration. I also have a superintendent license.
McDowell is a wonderful school that houses 3rd graders only! What could be better than that? 3rd graders are the best. Exuberance and enthusiasm abound at McDowell. 
I am married to Linda who is a 7th grade teacher at Hudson Middle School. I am the proud parent of 7 children. Corey (28), Julian (28), Tyler (27), Nick (26), Mark (25), Jackson and Laura (17). My family has varied interests and hobbies as you might imagine but the thing we all enjoy most is when everyone is together just relaxing, playing silly games and laughing.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.
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