• BOE Facility Update 2-27-17

    Posted by Erica Warders at 2/28/2017

    Recommendations from December BOE Meeting

    • PIF renewal (no tax increase) on ballot May of 2017.
    • Continue to plan for a new Middle School and renovations to elementary buildings with the White Plan as the basic structure. Use the ongoing research to modify and adjust the plan.  Extend the funding timeline to November 2017 to explore viability of options to preserve 1927 portion of the Middle School, scope of Natatorium renovations, and adjustments to elementary renovations.
    • Traffic study for school properties and city streets.
    • Continue to develop air conditioning plans for Evamere and McDowell


    Next Steps:

    • Identify architect(s), with experience in renovation.
    • Develop and provide more details regarding the site map for the middle school specifically addressing parking and bus/car flow.
    • Use resources such as Cleveland Restoration Society.
    • Partner with Hudson Heritage Association for resources and recommendations.


    Progress on Steps:

    • Westlake Reed Leskosky Architects are conducting a feasibiilty study of the 1927 building.
    • Cleveland Restoration Society Response- 1927 building is a candidate for restoration. However, their office cannot make a final determination. (See below)
    • GPD Architects have been selected to do the prebond work on the development of plans for the Middle School, renovations to the elementary schools, and a traffic and site analysis of the main campus.
    • Hasenstaub Architects are working on options for the Natatorium.


    PIF - On the ballot on May 2, Issue 13

    • Sharing information with community members regarding the PIF and how we have used it the PIF funds and will continue to use the PIF Funds
    • There will be four informational postcards sent to all Hudson School residents and business. Two have been mailed. The third is scheduled for mailing on March 17th, and the 4th will mail in April.
    • Meeting with the staff from each building
    • Mr. Cluse provided an overview of the PIF at the last Board meeting which is available on the PIF tab on the website
    • Informational video is now available on the website.


    Feasibility Study of the 1927 portion of the MS

    • With the recommendations in December, we were looking for architects with familiarity in Hudson and who had expertise in historic renovation to conduct a feasibility study on 1927 portion of the MS.
    • Prompted by conversations with the Hudson Heritage Association, and based on work that they have done at WRA, the architectural firm of Westlake, Reed, Leskosky has been asked to complete a feasibility study of the 1927 portion of the Middle School. The feasibility study will include multiple possibilities for reuse and the cost estimates associated with each rehabilitation option. The entire study is expected to take 8 weeks from start to finish. 
    • In December, we sent site plans, floor plans, and photographs of the 1927 Hudson Middle School to the Cleveland Restoration Society asking for the perspective of CRS on whether the 1927 structure has architectural significance from a historical perspective. Michael Fleenor, the Director of Preservation Services, wrote back explaining that in his opinion the original building is an excellent candidate for a historic rehabilitation. However, he also wanted us to know that only the Ohio Historic Preservation Office, working with the National Park Service, can make a formal determination of eligibility. We are currently exploring exactly what that means and how that process works.

    Continue to plan for new MS and renovations to elementary buildings with the White Plan as the basic structure:

    • Interviews with four architectural firms were conducted, on January 19 and January 26, by a committee of 17 staff and community members, including a representative from HHA,  residents of the historic district, and staff planners from the City of Hudson. As a result of the interview and reference process, GPD architects have been selected to begin the pre-bond work which includes development of draft plans for a new middle school, renovations to the elementary schools on North Hayden, a parking and traffic analysis of the main campus area, and review of the cost estimates outlined in the Master Facility Plan.
    • GPD is currently learning about each of those components and we are working with them to put together a timeline of events and actions that will need to take place this spring.
    • Good news about GPD - we had budgeted and planned for Pre-Bond architecture work, but GPD considers their pre-bond work part of their marketing/outreach efforts so unless we ask them to go beyond their normal scope of work, there is not a charge at this time for their services.


    Scope of Natatorium Renovations:

    • As I mentioned in December, one of the pieces of feedback we heard in the focus groups was a focus on and interest in better understanding what is or can be included in the Natatorium renovations.
    • Working with Hasenstab and Associates to further develop those options, as well.


    Developing Plans for Air Conditioning at Evamere and McDowell


    • Over $1 million, 354,000 in roof replacement, 1989 rubber roof.
    • Working with Peters, Tschantz & Associates to develop those plans with a focus on Evamere first.


      • Could still complete the work in phases at Evamere.


    • Derek, Kathryn, Chuck, and Phil to meet to review all projects and then plan for Evamere HVAC whether it’s in phases or the entire project



    Continued dialogue with Don Husat and Julieanne Hanscak with Hudson Heritage Association

    • The HHA is holding a special meeting on Tuesday, March 14, to learn how the city of Cleveland Heights-University Heights is applying the principles of adaptive reuse in order to preserve aspects of its historic high school as the building is being renovated for 21st century learning. HHA has invited two principals from BSHM Architects, Inc. - the firm leading the work in Cleveland Heights - to discuss the project and how the lessons learned might apply to the master facilities plan currently being implemented by the Hudson City School District.
    • The meeting, which is open to the community, will be held in the Flood Room at Hudson Library and Historical Society. The meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m.