The Hudson City Schools Foundation was established to enhance the education of our children in the public schools by providing funds not available through public sources.

THEIR MISSION: To implement programs designed to promote an educational experience beyond what is available in the standard classroom environment.

THEIR GOAL: To ensure a student’s ability to compete successfully in today’s challenging global marketplace.

The Hudson City Schools Foundation, a fund of the Hudson Community Foundation, is a private 501(c)3 charitable organization separate from the public school system. It is comprised of a diverse group of community members who share a passion for the quality of education that our children receive. Foundation members are a group of volunteers with and without children attending public school:​ business professionals, retired workers, educators, artists, and community leaders who share the belief that the overall health of any region is contingent upon the quality of the education we are providing for our youth.

Members of the Hudson Community Foundation believe that they share in student success!


The Hudson City Schools Foundation raises funds through events and contributions from the community. They collect, oversee and distribute funds which are used to augment the learning environment in such categories of student development as arts, athletics and academics. We design, manage and fund programs that will stimulate creativity and innovation.

The Foundation contributes to the quality of life in Hudson by improving the public educational experience for our youth. Funds are positioned to directly benefit the students.

Why would funding from a private foundation be necessary since our public schools are supported with tax dollars? State and federal funding for schools has reached a crisis stage during this economic downturn. Even before this, however, schools were running on slim budgets barely able to cover the costs of salaries, benefits, utilities, transportation, maintenance, etc. Even with the best of fiscal management, schools are left with very little for any “extras” such as innovative programs in technology, art or science, let alone basic upgrades to facilities.

Even though the school district enjoys a consistently high ranking on a state and national basis, now is not the time to become complacent. Our students deserve the very best advantage that we can give. There is nothing wrong with striving for greater excellence.

The Foundations' investment in their future will not only benefit our community, but also will have a positive impact on our region and beyond.