Application for Minor Work Permit Instructions

  • Student/Applicant Information Section

    • To be filled out by parent or student. Parent must sign.
    • If you are a student at Hudson High School, we have a copy of your birth certificate or passport that we will copy and attach to the application. If not, you will need to provide that information. Superintendent/Chief Administrative Office/Designation Issuing Officer does not sign at this time. The Registrar will sign the actual Work Permit.
    • Application for Minor Work Permit

    Pledge of Employer Section

    • The employer needs to fill out all parts of this section including their Tax ID number.
      The Employer will determine whether you need to fill out the Physician's Certificate. If needed, take it to your physician and have them fill out and sign.

    State of Ohio Minor Labors Laws

    Issuing the Minor Work Permit 

    • Return the completed application to the Registrar's/HS Records Office. This office submits the application to the State of Ohio and issues the Work Permit.
    • Please give the office 2 days to complete the Permit Process.
    • The Minor/Student will need to sign the completed Work Permit and then takes it to the Employer. Application information stays at the High School.


    Please feel free to call Cheryl Barnes - Registrar/HS Records, with any questions. Phone: 330-653-1419