• Welcome to the 3rd and 4th grade ELA enrichment team!

    My name is Miss Hengst and I am proud to be in my second year at Hudson City Schools!  

    Our classroom is located in East Woods Intermediate School, incorporate a student centered model. Explorers will be analyzing English Language Arts curriculum at a deeper level, with the needs of the learners being the forefront of our classroom. In our space, no one will wait to learn and all student's interests and goals will be intergrated into the curriculum. The differentiated, rigorous curriculum offered to our gifted learners is adaptive to make learning meaningful for all explorers at Hudson. The foundation of our curriculum is through the application of Problem-Based Learning to incorporate community and real world application into our reading and writing. Our goal is to build inquiry based thinking and strengthen our problem solving skills, not only individually, but as a team as well. Positive behavior with team building and collarboration will be encouraged this year throughout our learning envirnoment to build lasting relationships together! 

    Throughout the year, weekly newsletters will be sent home to keep you informed with what is happening in our classroom! Be on the lookout for the Google Classroom feed that keeps you informed as well with blogs and photos of what we have done for the week!