The Origins of Project Support.

    Project support is a Club at Hudson High School. It was started years ago by students that wanted to be with their friends from elementary and middle school years. At the high school level, students are more often separated by their abilities and levels of classes and thus were not able to spend time together at school. They decided to form a club where they could do after school activities together in a safe environment. From these beginnings, many peers began to help other students with special needs enjoy some of the social activities that surround the high school experience. As the club grew advisers were added to help organize and oversee the events that the students had chosen.

    The following Mission Statement was adopted by the students:

    Project Support is a school sponsored group for students with and without disabilities. The students plan typical social activities outside of the school day. The purpose of the group is to allow students with disabilities to participate in age appropriate activities in nat It has been a wonderful experience to watch the friendships develop and to see both peer students and the students with special needs gain from the relationship. There is a new understanding, admiration and equity between the club members. When these student feel they belong, they learn better and become more independent. There is a short video that shows the relationship between belonging, learning, independence and then sharing. It helps to explain how this all comes full circle back to help new members.