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    About NCHS Hudson Chapter

    The National Chinese Honor Society (NCHS) was established in 1993 to recognize those accomplished high school students who study Chinese as a world language. The National Chinese Honor Society is a scholastic organization that promotes and recognizes students who demonstrate citizenship, leadership, and community service. The purpose of the National Chinese Honor Society is to encourage its members to become life-long learners in order to gain a better understanding of Chinese language and culture, as well as to play an active role as a contributing global citizen in the twenty-first century. The NCHS Hudson Chapter was established in 2013.

    Membership Application

    The applicant must be a full time high school student (grades 9 – 12) who has studied Chinese for four semesters in high school with an average of B or higher. A qualified candidate is someone who is willing to work with the school chapter advisor, as well as with other students, to serve as a positive role model in the area of Chinese studies.


    The advisor is in charge of the induction, membership eligibility, and supervise NCHS activities. The advisor is also responsible for appointing the student president of their chapter based on his/her consistent and positive role in advocating the learning of Chinese language and culture. The student president of the local school chapter of the Chinese Honor Society must be appointed by the sponsor based on his/her consistent and positive effort in learning the Chinese language.

    Membership Eligibility

    Please read all requirements before you applied to NCHS.

    National Chinese Honor Society is a privilege awarded to those who qualify based on academics, service, character and leadership. All members in NCHS Hudson Chapter will work together to explore and share Chinese language and culture.

    Once the applicants accepted into NCHS Hudson Chapter, students will need to attend the induction ceremony to receive the member certificate.

    To maintain your membership of NCHS Hudson Chapter, you have to be enrolled in Hudson High School Chinese program, maintained an average of B in Chinese class and other courses, attended meetings and assigned volunteer works, work with the advisor and other members, and follow all school and NCHS codes of conducts.

    Senior students who met all the requirements, enrolled in HHS Chinese program, and fulfilled the responsibilities of NCHS Hudson Chapter will receive purple cord and pin in graduation year.

    Other Rules & Guidelines

    • Leadership positions will be voted upon at the end of every school year for the upcoming school year
    • Positions include: President, Vice President, and two - three officers
    • Attendance at 70% of meetings will be expected of members
    • Extra time devoted to the maintenance, set-up, and tear-down at world culture day is expected of members


    • Meetings will be conducted every other tuesday during Explore Period (Meeting occurrences may be increased 4th quarter to account for World Culture Day)
    • Meetings will organize the Chinese booth at World Culture Day, organize extracurricular/service opportunities, keep in contact with our sister school in Beijing, organize possible exchange students with our sister school in Beijing, spread Chinese culture, and discuss any other topics concerning the Chinese language course at Hudson High School



    Mr. Moses (Ningyang) Wang
    Mandarin Chinese Teacher
    National Chinese Honor Society Advisor

    Email: wangn@hudson.k12.oh.us