What is the Hudson Connect Alumni Program?

  • Welcome to the HudsonConnect Alumni program! The HudsonConnect program is dedicated to bringing our alumni together, helping you to connect with other Hudson alumni and providing you the help that you may need to reconnect with your alma mater. We sincerely hope that we can be of assistance to you with our many outreach programs, mobile app opportunities and benefits, and other needs that you may have as a Hudson alumni! We believe once an Explorer always an Explorer!

  • Communications and Alumni Outreach Office

    Sheryl Sheatzley - Manager

    Phone: 330-653-1495

    Email: sheatzls@hudson.edu


    Erica Warders - Executive Assistant

    Phone: 330-653-1363

    Email: warderse@hudson.edu


    Hudson City School District

    Office of Communications and Alumni Outreach

    2400 Hudson-Aurora Road

    Hudson, Ohio 44236