Our Human Heritage: A survey of human history from 750 BCE - 1600 CE


    ·         Ancient Greece, ancient Rome, the feudal systems of Europe and Japan, the early & late middle ages, the West African kingdoms of Ghana, Mali and Songhai, the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Scientific Revolution and the Age of Exploration (the First Global Age) are all part of our studies.

    ·         Social studies skills and methods, geography, and current events are integrated throughout the year.

    ·         We also learn and practice strategies for content-area reading and writing as well as study skills including note-taking, test preparation, and long & short-term project planning.


                1. Model and practice social science methods through problem-based learning and


    2. Provide opportunities for students to enjoy reading and learning about historic

        people & places while covering Ohio’s Social Studies Learning Standards:


    3. Facilitate the development of students’ research and 21st century skills

    4. Encourage awareness of the world around us

    5. Connect current events and modern culture to history

    6.  Promote independent, active learning and the acquisition of study skills


    ·         Student Planner                  

    ·         Paper, pen or pencil, highlighter

    ·         Spiral notebook

    ·         Labeled binder

    Here is the Copy of the Online Textbook and the Username and Password 



    username:  NEMECKC


    password: Teacher123!


     *Please also see your child’s planner for assignments.

    *Please encourage your child to spend a few minutes each night

      reviewing social studies; even with no immediate homework, often

      there are vocabulary words or concepts to practice.

Handouts and Worksheets