Safe Schools, Safe Community


    Have you ever heard someone say, "I just didn't know if I should report this or not?"

    Safe Schools, Safe Community Helpline helps allay these concerns and helps keep Hudson Safe.
    People often hesitate to report concerns or suspicions about safety issues when they aren't positive it poses a serious problem, may not know all the facts, or are worried about getting involved for fear of retaliation.
    Based on the concept of "see something, say something," the Safe Schools, Safe Community Helpline is designed to allow people to anonymously report concerns when individuals may hurt themselves or others - - before something happens. Individuals can call or text, 24-hours a day, concerns about individuals who may do harm to themselves or others. 
    When should I call the helpline? We encourage you to call or text the helpline when you know of a situation where someone MAY do harm. These situations include POSSIBLE acts of violence, suicide, theft, drug or alcohol use, sexual harassment, weapons, bullying or other issues.
    This number does not replace 911. Please call 911 if you witness or know that an emergency IS occurring, someone IS hurt, someone IS in the act of harming someone else, or IS in the act of damaging or stealing property, or IS buying or selling drugs.
    The Safe Schools Helpline has introduced a new app that can be downloaded from your mobile phone store. The app puts connectivity to the helpline in your hand for immediate access if needed. Download Safe School Helpline.
    The Safe Schools. Safe Community Helpline, Security Voice Service Phone number is as follows:
    • 1-800-418-6423 EXT. 397
    • TEXT : 614-426-0240, then type TIPS

    The Safe Schools, Safe Community Helpline is free to callers and confidential. It is an anonymous helpline that operates 24 hours/7 days a week. Another feature of the helpline is the 24-hour availability for suicide prevention and mental health counseling by trained counselors. 

    This school and community resource offers youth, teens and adults the opportunity to share a concern that may pose a safety threat to schools, or citizens. The anonymous helpline is an extension of the "See Something, Say Something safety plan that has proven to be successful in preventing and responding to serious threats and violence.

    Drug Safe Hudson - A Community Resource

    Do you have questions concerning your loved one's drug or alcohol use? Contact the free helpline and speak with Jamie Messenger, Drug Safe Hudson's Drug and Alcohol Resource Specialist at 330-822-HELP (330-822-4357), or email