• About My Feedback on Essays

    On-demand Essays: On-demand essays are written in class—either hand-written or typed.  I will often write comments on these or leave feedback in Google Classroom or SunGard. Because such essays are written in one sitting, I am less critical of typos and other editing issues; usually I am looking for idea development, logic power, proper use of evidence, and syntactical maturity.

    Formal Essays: Formal essays are the biggies.  They are written in multiple sittings, require research or other supporting material, are longer, and require MLA format. When I return formal papers, the kids get three levels of feedback: a list of common errors with examples that demonstrate how to remedy the issues, many personalized comments on their individual papers, and a model paper—one that earned an A.  All of those materials offer students opportunities for self-reflection and improvement. Often, exploiting those opportunities, a second draft will be written.

    Parent Access to Essays: Most writing is done in Google Classroom, so once an essay is returned to a child, he or she can share the virtual document with you via an email invitation.

    As per department policy, printed copies of the formal essays are collected in in-class, writing portfolios, but I can always make a copy of a graded paper for your child to bring home. He or she will retain possession of all the feedback materials and can share them with you.