• Click here for a  suggested reading list 
     Suggestions for Readers
    • Read together as a family
    • Find an author of interest, a book series, or book theme
    • Form a neighborhood or friendship circle book club
    • Practice reading comprehension through free on-line programs such as ReadTheory
    • Join Hudson Library's Summer Reading Club
    To Reinforce Comprehension:
    • Read in small segments followed by discussion (use a stop sign)
    • Use Post-it notes to write down important ideas/events - use these to retell the story in sequence
    • Ask Who, What, When, Where and Why questions as you read
    • Go back to the book to prove an idea
    • Make connections to the book and it's characters to your own life
    • Create images/pictures in your mind
    • Use your own ideas to help you understand what you are reading
    • Write a summary of a chapter
    • Write a letter to one of the characters

    To Build Fluency:

    • Re-read parts of the text out loud
    • Practice and perform scripts and reader's theaters
    • Read poetry and/or songs
    • Record yourself with an ipad and listen to yourself read
    • Pause appropriately at punctuation and phrase your words into groups
    • Use decoding strategies when you come to an unknown word then re-read the sentence to make sure that it makes sense

    Click here for a  suggested reading list