• CPM Core Connections Honors Algebra II/Algebra I: COURSE SYLLABUS


    Contact Information

    Mrs. McClearnon

    Email: mccleara@hudson.k12.oh.us

    Phone ext: 4167


    Out of Class Help

    • Math Lab: A113 Daily (All Periods & 7:30am before School)
    • Afterschool Free Tutoring: A106 on Thursdays Afterschool
    • Explorer Period: After 3rd Period on Tuesdays
    • With Individual Teacher: Please Schedule in Advance
    • Textbook Website and Student Resources: www.cpm.org/student.html



    • CPM Core Connections Honors Algebra II/Algebra I, Volume 1 and 2 (I have a class set, and you will be given on-line access.)
    • CPM Core connections Honors Algebra II/Algebra I Parent Guide (Parents may access the online guide at: http://cpm.org/parent-support/)


    Required Materials

    • Three ring binder or folder.
    • One package of graph paper and notebook paper.
    • Graphing Calculator: If you do not own one, please buy/download one. You will be required to have a graphing calculator in class daily beginning on the first full week of school.
    • Chromebook: Bring this charged with you to class every day.


    Classroom Structure

    • Class time will be utilized for problem solving, group work, and individualized instruction.
    • Homework will be assigned daily and due the next day.


    Class Rules

    In order to provide a safe environment where all students can learn, students are asked to adhere to the following rules:

    • Be in your assigned seat and ready to work when the tardy bell rings.
    • Come prepared to class with supplies and homework completed.
    • Respect the beliefs, opinions, and feelings of others in the classroom.
    • Refrain from talking during instructional/lecture time.
    • Be a team player! Contribute to the success of your team by fully participating in class activities.


    Classroom Structure

    • Class time will be utilized for problem solving, group work, and individualized instruction.
    • Homework may be assigned daily and due the next day or assigned in packet form and due the following week.



    Please refer to your student handbook for expectations and consequences.



    • 70% Summative Assessments (Individual Tests and Quizzes).
    • 30% Formative Assessment:
      • Homework: 10%
      • Classwork & Khan Academy Daily Warm-ups: 10%
      • Team Tests: 10%



    • Homework will be assigned daily or weekly and is designed to help students master concepts and prepare for tests.
    • All homework assignments will be collected and should be completed to ensure understanding of concepts. Homework not completed will be assigned an “M” (missing/0 points) in the grade book.
    • Homework assignments will be graded for a combination of completion and accuracy. Be Prepared!
    • While collaboration on homework is encouraged, it is expected that the work you turn in represents your understanding of the concepts.  In other words, it is permissible for someone to explain how to get an answer, but the answers you submit must be in your own writing and own words.  In regards to calculations, it is expected that you understand the work you submit.


    Quizzes and Tests

    • Quizzes and tests are not graded on a curve.
    • Tests will cover material from more than one chapter in the textbook while quizzes will cover current material.
    • Students should use the online textbook, class guided notes, homework problems, daily warm-up problems, and worksheets to prepare for quizzes and tests.
    • All tests may be retaken by those students that desire an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and earn a higher grade.  In order to earn the opportunity to retake a test, remediation problems must be completed and reviewed with your teacher prior to scheduling the retake.  Students may earn up to 60% of their missed points back and the retake must be completed before the next exam. Students may only retake the test once.
    • Students who earn above a 70% may retake the test if they choose to.
    • Students who earn below a 70% must retake the test.
    • Please note, test retakes will be similar, but not the same as the original test.  Test retakes are given Wednesday mornings during AM Testing in room A106. 


    Due Dates/Absences/Late Work

    • Look for assignments in a few places:
      • Posted Daily in Class
      • Google Classroom
      • Google Calendar (found on the HHS webpage under teacher directory)
      • Algebra I Class Website
    • It is the students’ responsibility to check the website so they know what was covered in class on the days they were absent.  It is extremely important to stay current, as we will be covering new material nearly every class period.  Please remember, you may receive help while absent by emailing your questions to your teacher or referring to the homework help on the CPM site.  When emailing your teacher a question, it is often best to take a photo of your work and email that along with your question so the teacher can provide specific feedback on your progress and provide help in the areas that are difficult.
    • All work is due on the assigned due date.  Any late assignments will be docked 20% of the grade.


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