• Henri Matisse

    Classroom Expectations 

    Be Responsible
    Be Respectful
    Be Ready
    These three Hudson "R"s say it all. I will gently remind you and ask you to think through these. What can be covered in these "R"s? What cannot be covered in these?

    Unusual Year Ahead

    This is quite a different year for us with Covid-19. We are not sharing supplies every day in the classroom for sanitary reasons such as pencils, erasers, crayons, markers and etc. We suggest that students bring in their own supplies. We will provide a plastic container for students to hold various specialty supplies during an assignment so that they will stay sanitary (such as craypas or watercolors if the student does not have their own). After the assignment students will sanatize the equipment or supplies and return. Larger items such as canvas, big sheets of watercolor or drawing paper or other items will be given to the students individually to use in the classroom and home.

    Recommended Materials
    To be brought to class each period.
    • Pencils
    • Erasers
    • Folder/Binder to store handouts
    • Sketchbook (9”x12” or similar-you can make one with 8 1/2" x 11" paper in your folder or binder if you like)
    • Please note: Artists develop a great number of ideas, concepts and early drawings from the use of a sketchbook. As an Art/STEAM student, it is essential that you keep your own sketchbook to explore, cultivate and expand your artistic and design process. It is highly recommended that you have a sketchbook available in-class and at home for assignments. You may either purchase one at a variety of price points from local stores, or if this is not an option, you will be asked to put one together with available school supplies, utilize a found book or similar folder. Students will need to bring DAILY their sketchbook, folder/binder, eraser, and two sharpened pencils for each Art or STEAM class. No textbooks are required for this course because it is a hands-on class. 
    • iPad - Your iPad should not be out with anything that can damage it like water or paint. Only art related sites. No gaming, movie, or social media sites open during class. It is at the teachers discretion whether a student is misusing their computer and losses it for the remainder of class or the day.
    Supplemental materials (encouraged to bring)

    Basic equipment will be provided, however, the care and quality of the supplies cannot be guaranteed.  Therefore, students are encouraged to bring their own supplies whenever possible.
    • Black felt tip pen or equivalent
    • Drawing pencils (4B 2B H 2H 4H—or drawing pencil pack)
    • Kneaded eraser (gray clay type I will give you one) Pink Pearl is great or the white Pentecostal Polymer
    • Hand held sharpener for your pencils (this keeps them sharp and the electric pencil sharpener won't eat them needlessly)
    • Paint brushes of various sizes and shapes (round, bright, filbert)
    • Colored pencils (Prismacolor is an artist favorite)
    Opportunities for Extra Help

    Extra help is available upon request after school or during teacher’s prep period. It is required for the student to schedule a time and place with the teacher.

    Artsonia Portfolio


    Students will be creating a digital portfolio of their work which will be posted on Artsonia (  https://www.artsonia.com/ ) “the world’s largest online gallery of student art.” Students will learn how to photograph, upload, publish and describe their work on Artsonia. Students  will be required to publish four works before semester's end. Parents and/or guardians will be sent a link.


    What Mrs. Stump expects from YOU as a student

    This year I am expecting that you are going to walk into Drawing + Painting, Cartooning + Animation or our STEAM class with some trepidation (good SAT word-look this up), questions, excitement, butterflies, fear, happiness and a lot of other emotions. We are going to have a rollercoaster of ups and downs. We are going to help each other stay safe, walk through our emotions and feelings and be kind to one another while we do this. We will use the art classroom as a stress reliever, safe space and opportunity to express ourselves in our sketchbooks, projects, critiques and discussions. I expect you to feel relief as you walk through our Art Room doors to let your shoulders down, know that you are welcome and breathe. I want you to be open minded, listen with an kind heart and commit to actions that you will be able to follow through. You will be able to reflect upon your personal notions of the world, your neighborhoods, your neighbor and yourself in a way you might not have thought about before and carry out art works that reflect those thoughts. You will enjoy this class. Sound good to you?


    Google Classroom

    Each student will visit Google Classroom every day and check the Daily Agenda. If a day is missed because of illness the student is responsible for contacting the teacher after looking over the missed work on the Daily Agenda. I do not run after students (can you see me running around the room calling out names? hahahaaa) that missed class at home or remote. Please stay aware of which teachers you chatted with so you can keep up. I use a paper planner (that Big Lilly book you see sitting on my desk) and some peeps use a digital planner. Whatever works for you. If you need help see above.