• Goals for Woods Technology I


    1.  Interpret Technological Literacy

    (Technological literacy is far more than the ability to use technological tools. Technologically literate citizens employ systems-oriented thinking as they interact with the technological world, cognizant of how such interaction affects individuals, our society, and the environment. Technological literacy is the ability to use, manage, assess, and understand technology. It involves knowledge, abilities, and the application of both knowledge and abilities to real-world situations. Citizens of all ages benefit from technological literacy, whether it is obtained through formal or informal educational environments.")


    2.  Develop and use lifetime skills in basic woodworking and machine applications.


    3.  Identify the materials and processes used in the lab.


    4.  Use proper safety procedures.


    5.   Develop a sense of pride in craftsmanship and work.


    6.  Determine the honesty of materials and become a better consumer.


    7.  Recognize that all subjects come together in the real world, interdisciplinary.


    8.  Build useful projects and gain a sense of ownership.


    9.  Enhance technological vocabulary.