• Syllabus and Procedures for Science


    Welcome to 6 Respect!!!  I’m really excited about this year and think you will be too when you find out how much fun we are going to have this year!  I know that everyone starts out the year with high expectations and good intentions, but it is my expectation that you will all succeed in achieving those expectations and the goals you have set for yourself.  My commitment to each and every one of you is that I will make sure you WILL learn what is expected of you to learn and you WILL have fun doing it!  I know this is going to be a great year and look forward to getting to know each of you so that we can learn from one another!  After all, my motto is:


    “Every one of us is both a student and a teacher.”    


    1. Please be prepared with your ipad, pencil, homework (if any), and science binder.
    2. Put your attendance popsicle stick in your period's cup. 
    3. Check if there are any papers to pick up for the day.
    4. Please be in your seat BEFORE the class begins. No ipads during this time. Ipads are for instructional purposes only. 
    5. If homework was assigned, have it out and ready please.
    6. Please begin the OPENING ACT problem as posted on the board/overhead immediately. The OPENING ACTS may be collected and graded at any point during the quarter.  They are only graded for effort and completion (not for accuracy). We will go over the correct answer daily. 
    7. NOTE:  If you are late, PLEASE be very respectful and enter the classroom quietly when arriving. 



    1. Please make sure you have headed your paper correctly (see above).
    2. In the lab, each person will pass his/her homework to the end of the lab table closest to the aisle.  One group member will make sure all the papers are facing the SAME direction.
    3. I will assign one student to pick up all papers from the lab tables and put them in your period’s homework file.
    4. If on Google Classroom, be sure to attach the assignment and click the TURN IN button. ;)



    1. If we are in a whole group setting, please raise your hand AFTER I am finished giving the instructions for the day.
    2. If we are working in small groups,
      1. Please ask a team member if he/she knows the answer to your question.
      2. If he/she does not, ask another team member until all group members have been asked.
      3. If your group doesn’t know the answer, please have EVERY group member raise their hand, and I will come over to the group and answer the question. 
    3. If you have a SAFETY question, ASK YOUR TEACHER IMMEDIATELY!! J



    1. Please check your work for neatness and accuracy.
    2. Read the next section of the assignment.
    3. Or simply raise your hand and let me know you are finished so I can give you the next challenge!
    4. Please do not just sit and wait. :)



    1. I will clap five times in a certain pattern (we will practice this…a LOT).
    2. When you hear the initial clap, please:
      1. Stop what you are doing.
      2. Begin the response clap while turning to face me.
      3. Be prepared and ready for further instructions.



    1. When the period is over, please stay in your seats.
    2. When your desks/tables/areas are clean and when your chairs are pushed in, I will dismiss you. If the bell rings, please remain in your seats or by your chair until I dismiss you.  Thank you.  Your table and supply bucket should look the same way it did when you entered the class.  



    1. Please look on Google Classroom and pull up the agenda. 
    2. Complete as much as you can. With the agenda on your ipad screen, come up to me and we can go over what you missed. I may have to explain the make up work during a team support or study hall instead of in class.  
    3. Ask a friend if there were any notes and ask to see them. Copy them into your notebook. 
    4. If there was a lab to make up, PLEASE SEE ME! You are responsible for making this lab up. 
    5. If there was an assignment due the day you were absent or a test, come see me at the BEGINNING of class. It is YOUR responsibility to come to me when you are absent.
    6. If you were absent one day, you have one day to make-up missed work. If you were absent two days, you will receive two days to make-up work.  So, you get a day for a day. 



      ***ALL STUDENTS WILL COMPLETE EVERY SINGLE ASSIGNMENT THE ENTIRE YEAR!!!  In order to make sure all students learn, I ensure all assignments are turned in and no zeros are in the gradebook. :)


    Day after due date: You may choose to turn it in the VERY NEXT DAY for a maximum of half-credit.  If it is later than the next day, I may assign an opportunity lunch to provide you with the time to complete the work.

    OPPORTUNITY LUNCH will be held in my room so that you may finish your homework. If you give me your work before lunch begins, you do not have to come to this lunch session.  If you skip or forget about the lunch session, you will be assigned an after school detention in order to finish your assignments. 

    ***If there are any extenuating circumstances, PLEASE talk to me and let me know! 


    IF YOU NEED TO LEAVE THE ROOM:  (Note:  Every student for the first quarter will get 5 hall passes to use if they need to get something from their locker or go to the bathroom.  We will encourage you to go to your locker and/or the bathroom during acceptable times instead of during classes.)  :)

    1. Please come to me and ask permission to leave the classroom (i.e. get a drink, use the restroom).
    2. Hand me a hall pass ticket with your name on it.
    3. Sign out on the sheet by the door.
    4. Only one student may be leave the classroom at a time.
    5. If a student is abusing this policy, there will be modifications to this process.



    Retakes will be mandatory for students who earned a C- or less on quizzes throughout the year.  There are no retakes for unit tests.  Lunch time review sessions, parent signatures, flashcards, and additional assignments will be required before the retake occurs.  Students who need additional help should see me once or twice a week during study hall, team support, or lunch! I can also meet before or after school if needed! Please seek help if you need it! I am here for YOU!


    Lastly, when coming up to my computer desk, please be aware that there may be student’s grades on the screen.  Since this is confidential information, I can’t just let everyone use or have access to my computer.  If coming up and asking about your grade, please be considerate and patient while I tell you your grade.  Thanks! 





    Compete Only Against Yourself!!!


    • There is only one person in the world you need to compete against, and that is yourself!


    • Strive each day to be the best person possible!


    • Your mission in life is not to get ahead of other people; your mission is to get ahead of yourself!


    • But while you are competing against yourself, you are expected to work with everyone else in this classroom cooperatively and respectfully!


    • You are responsible not only for your own learning but for the learning of your team members as well!



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