• Team Support and Study Strategies
    Many of you will have me for Study Strategies or Team Support. Here is what's expected of you:
    • Be respectful to yourself and others
    • Be prepared to work independently and with others 
    • Be prepared with needed materials and in your seat at the start of class - when the bell rings
    During Study Strategies, you can expect a quiet learning environment to work on homework, study for assessments, work on group projects, get organized, prepare homework for the evening, and more. Mrs. Brewer and I will be there to support organization and help with homework - as needed. Self advocacy is priority, and oftentimes your team of teachers will be available to address questions or clarify - directly. 
     How to Make Study Strategies a Success
    I've been able to observe behaviors to understand what allows for a successful, relaxed, and efficient student and classroom environment. See the chart below for some behavior/result relationships that help us develop as students.

    Study Strategies Mapping