• Kindergarten 2023-24 Supply List and Additional Needs


    • 1 box Gallon Ziploc Bags, Big Tab Top—GIRLS ONLY

    • 1 box Quart Ziploc Bags, Big Tab Top—BOYS ONLY

    • 3 boxes of 24 Crayola Crayons, primary colors only

    • 3 boxes of Crayola Wide Tip Washable Markers (10 count-classic colors only)

    • 6 BLACK  Expo dry erase markers (chisel tip, odorless)

    • 4 LARGE Elmer’s glue sticks (.77 ounce each)

    • 1 Large box of tissues

    • 1 three-ring hard cover binder (1 inch white with plastic insert cover-label with name)

    • 1 pair headphones (for use with computers and iPads, please no ear buds-label with name)

    • 1 LARGE backpack with NO wheels (binder and folders need to fit inside, please label backpack with first and last name)

    Please only label backpack, binder, and headphones.  All other supplies will be shared.

    PLEASE NOTE: No backpacks with wheels, trappers, large notebooks, mechanical pencils or boxes of 64 crayons.

    This is a basic supply list for ALL DAY KINDERGARTEN STUDENTS. Individual teachers may require additional items.