• Welcome to AP Government!


    “Every government degenerates when trusted to the rules of the people alone.  The people themselves are its only safe depositories.”
    - Thomas Jefferson


    As juniors and seniors, you are reaching the point where you are able to actively participate in our democracy and your education has helped prepare you for that role.  Throughout your school career you have learned to speak openly in classes, value differing ideas, and compromise.  In this class it is necessary to apply those skills to your political beliefs.  You cannot learn to participate as citizens (which requires open and honest dialogue) if you do not explore its many facets fully this year.  Your enthusiastic participation in all aspects of class is essential to the success of the course and the school year.  Students will be evaluated on class participation and discussion, so be must be prepared when called upon.  Student participation grades will be at my discretion (daily, weekly, etc.).

    The bottom-line is this is not my class; it is YOURS.  You will get what you put into it!  

    Just a few odds and ends:

    Google Classroom - basis for the class
    • 6/7th period: n7p75x5
    • 10th period: jr2p2l5 (this is an "L", not a "1")
    Remind 101 - updates about the class
    • Text @78hkc8 to 81010