• Textbook:

    We will be using College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM): Core Connections Algebra 2. You will be able to access the CPM textbook online; however, I will post all the information you need in Google Classroom.  Some topics will be supplemented with other materials, including online resources like Delta Math and Quizizz.  


    The purpose of homework is to reinforce the concepts being taught and to prepare you for the assessments.  Homework will be assigned Monday - Thursday nights.  All assignments will be posted and turned in to Google Classroom.  

    You will be expected to do homework every day. Practicing math skills helps you to be a stronger student.  

    online book, homework help, homework answers, and parent guide

    Classroom Expectations:

    They are simple -

    COME TO CLASS READY TO LEARN!  Be involved with your group and class discussions.

    BE RESPECTFUL!  Respect teachers and other students as they learn at their own pace.

    BE RESPONSIBLE!  Be prepared, complete HW daily, and ask questions.

    Algebra 2 syllabus

    Materials:  Lesson materials will be posted in Google Classroom.  You will need:

    • Ipad and thin tip stylus
    • graphing calulator app (Desmos,...) or graphing calculator (TI-83, TI-84...)

    Some materials you may want:

    • lined paper, graph paper and pencils



    Your grades in this course will be calculated using total points and will fall into two categories - formative and summative.

    Formative (Academic Practice) - Approximately 30% of your grade - may include homework, homework quizzes, in-class assignments/projects, and team tests.

    Summative (Academic Achievement) - Approximately 70% of your grade - may include individual tests and/or projects that assess how well you understand the material we are studying.