• Welcome to English 11! We look forward to getting to know and learn with all of you!


    Teacher Contact Information

    Mrs. Petraska

    Email: petraskmhudson.k12.oh.us


    Mr. Sheridan

    Email: sheridam@hudson.k12.oh.us

    We are available for questions, comments, concerns, and to provide extra help via email, during Explorer Period, and most days after school until 3:30. If you plan to stay for extra help after school, please see us for an appointment so that we know to expect you.


    Course Description

    You can expect our English class this year to be one in which we have the opportunity to read and discuss some great works of American literature and informational text, then craft meaningful products to enrich our understanding of them. Expect to be held to high expectations at all times, and to experience success, as you dedicate yourself to our classroom learning community and the important work we will collaborate to produce. Our class will emphasize reading, analysis, oral communication, and writing. It also involves a survey of American literature, both fiction and non-fiction, from its earliest beginnings with Native Americans and foreign explorers to the most significant work of nineteenth and twentieth-century authors. Readings have included short stories from Poe and Hawthorne,  the play The Crucible, and the novels Into the Wild and The Great Gatsby. In addition to the literature component, the course also emphasizes research paper and essay writing, speech strategies, vocabulary study, and drama appreciation.