Welcome to AP Computer Science Principles!

  • If you want to demystify the magic behind the computer this class is for you!


    "AP Computer Science Principles provides students from a wide range of backgrounds the opportunity to understand and participate in the dramic changes to our lives brought about by computing." - AP Computer Science Principles course Planning and pacing Guide by Andrew Kuemmel


    Students will create a base of information and skills that they will use in their adult life. They will be creators of computing artifacts; they will gain knowledge of how to create and use software and the impact of computing on our society! 

    The AP Computer Science Principles exam which is given on Friday, May 10, 2019  is required.


    Topics covered in AP Computer Science Principles:

    • The Internet

    • Digital Information

    • Algorithms and programming

    • Big Data - privacy and security

    • Event driving programming

    • Programming with data structures

    • Performance Tasks



    AP Computer Science Principles