• Google Calendar-

    All homework, projects and tests are posted in Google Calendar. At the beginning of the year, students sync their calendar to the “American History” calendar. Changes and additions that are made to the calendar are automatically updated in student’s calendars. Readings, powerpoints, maps and other handouts are also posted in Google Apps.


    Google Classroom-
     Most assignments that we work on will be done via Google Classroom. Assignments created in Google Classroom will also create a due date in your personal Google Calendar.


    The student's first option should be to speak with Mr. Lengel in person, before or after class, during team support or before/after school.
    I am also available via Gmail to answer questions, clarify assignments or any other support I can provide remotely.  Please do not hesitate to email me for assistance.  I check email consitently during school hours and will periodically check this until the early evenings as well.  
    Please email, lengels@hudson.k12.oh.us should you require assistance outside of the school day or during absences.  
    Students should be checking their Gmail on a daily basis for any communication from the 8 Franklin team teachers.