• This year we will be using an app that allows you to receive updates regarding our class and upcoming events.  My hope is that this enhanced communication will support your child's development and overall success in our class.  In the past, both students and parents have really enjoyed the program, and appreciated the communication.  For example, you may get a text that reminds students to bring a sweatshirt because we will be heading outside for class, or that our class will be meeting in a different location for class.  To sign-up, see the document below for instructions.  The only adjustment is that you will change the message you put in the message body to reflect your child's specific class.  For example, if your child is in 6th grade, you will enter this number 81010 or (614) 721-8234 and text this message @6thpehaney  and you will be all set for the year!

    Class Codes:

    6th grade - @6thpehaney

    7th grade - @7thpehaney

    8th grade - @8thpehaney