Scholastic Book Orders

  • Each month, a paper Scholastic book order form is sent home.  If you choose, you can order books by check through the paper order form, or you can go online and order through the Scholastic website.  Ordering online helps our class get extra bonus points to help purchase books or other supplies for our classroom.  If you order online, it is simple, and all you need to do is put in the class code of L8DDV and then you can place your order.  These books are very reasonably priced and there are SO many to choose from!  If your choose to order by paper form, simple mark the books you'd like to order and send a check for the correct amount made out to Scholastic.  I will send the orders in and send them home once we have received the books.  If you order online, it earns our class points to use toward future classroom supplies!  Check it out! :)  


    Scholastic Website

    Class Code:  L8DDV