Healthy Life

Living a Healthy Life

  • Here in our class, we have been talking all year about making healthy lifestyle choices, eating heatlhy, and exercising daily.  It is important for not only our students, but also for ourselves to do so.  Below are some great resources to get the conversation starting at home about a healthier lifestyle.  


    Looking to have conversations with your child about nutrition and healthy food choices?  Head over to This website offers printables, games, recipes, videos and songs, and more. 


    Did you know that you can go online and input your child’s age, gender, and level of daily physical activity and it will give you a PDF file of recommended daily intake of food?  It’s a great tool for our children (as well as for ourselves).  Encourage healthy eating habits, trying new foods (here in our class, we call it a ‘no thank you bite’), and healthy physical activity levels each day.  Check out the website here:


    This website allows you to keep track of food intake, activity level, and even offers an encyclopedia of foods to compare.  It offers weight management guidance as well as a goal setter to help you identify personal goals for yourself.  It’s a great tool to help you and your family live a healthy lifestyle!  (just copy and paste this link into your browser)