•  Visitors to the Building
    In keeping with our common concern about the safety of our students while at school, we have developed a number of security measures designed to protect students during the school day. All visitors to the building will enter through the security vestibule at the "A" door by the main entrance off Hudson Aurora Rd. by the flagpole. All other doors are locked during the school day. Visitors will be buzzed into the building by the receptionist. According to the Ohio Revised Code, all visitors to a school building must report immediately to the office before going anywhere else in the building. When a visitor arrives in the office, they are asked to sign in, state the purpose of their visit and wear a visitor's tag that will identify them in the building. All staff members are alerted to question anyone without a visitor's tag. We appreciate your patience if we ask you to return to the office and sign in. Upon leaving the building, all visitors should return to the main office to sign out and to drop off their visitor's tag.