Mrs. Curtin and Mr. Lantz

Mrs. Curtin and Mr. Lantz


    Welcome to Half Day Kindergarten at Evamere!

    The Half Day Kindergarten team is made up of  two departmentalized content specific teachers. Mr. Lantz teaches Number Corner and Bridges in Mathematics and Mrs. Curtin teaches Reading Workshop, Phonics and Writing Workshop. 

    Our departmentalized teaching  model in the Half Day Kindergarten program allows students to be immersed in rigorous instruction, differentiation, and intervention provided by teachers who have developed expertise in their content area. Additionally, Half Day Kindergarten classes have an educational aide to travel with and support students throughout their day keeping consistency and class community. Teacher classrooms are content-specific and always ready for teaching and learning in their content area.

    The location of the Half Day Kindergarten classrooms allows for a fluid transition between teachers.