• The Seven Habits of a Leader here at Ellsworth Hill:
    Habit 1: Be proactive- "I'm in charge of me."
    Habit 2: Begin with the end in mind-"I will set my goals."
    Habit 3: Put first things first-"Work now and play later."
    Habit 4: Think win-win-"No one loses, everyone can win."
    Habit 5: Seek first to understand, then to be understood-"Listen with my ears eyes, and heart.
    Habit 6: Synergize- "Together is better."
    Habit 7: Sharpen the saw- "Balance feels best."
      • If your child has any illness symptoms, they will have to stay home from school for the safety of our class, school, and community. 
      • Snack: Your child can have a snack time each morning.  Please be sure that this snack is nutritious.  Fruit and vegetables are excellent choices. No nuts are permitted into the classroom.
      • Your child may celebrate his/her birthday at school by reading a book to the class or recording a video of themselves at home doing a show and share.
      • There are no parent visitors this year in the CLASSROOM. 
      • There will be no in person presentations with guest speakers. Events like this will be done through zoom meetings. 
      • Windows will be open throughout the day for air flow, this may make the room a bit more humid but will help to ensure extra precations. We also have a ventilation system this year that will pull clean air from outside and pump it thorughout the school.
      • All staff and students are required to wear masks. A face shield is welcomed but cannot be in place of wearing a mask. I will be wearing a mask and shield when working closesly with students. A plexiglass shield will also be used to seperate teachers and students when working closely together.
      • School supplies, recess games, snacks, lunch, etc. cannot be shared at any time during the day.
      • Any materials that students may touch (example: paint brushes in art) will be sanitized after every use.
      • A daily hand washing schedule will be followed: when they enter the room, after each subject area (math, writing, etc.), returning from specials, going or returning from recess, before and after snacks/lunch.
    • Recess/lunch:
      • Recess will be in a few possible locations. It could be on the blacktop, playground, hill, or grassy area. We will all stay together and remain in our specific area. Students may bring in a gallon zip lock bag filled with toys to use at recess time. Please write their names on the bag. Our first recess is at 10:30-10:50 a.m.
      • Recess is from 12:15-12:35 and lunch is from 12:40-1:05
    • Classroom Work:
      • Your child should bring home his/her yellow take home folder every night.  Please have your child go through the folder with you.  Your child knows which papers need to stay at home and which papers need to be brought back to school.
      • Each Monday your child will bring home a new homework calendar.  Your child should check off the work as he/she completes the assignments.  It is best to not bring your child's homework to school if he/she forgets the assignment.  This teaches responsibility. 
      • Each child will have the chance to be "Star of the Week".  Your child will be notified a week ahead of time if he/she is the star student. 
      • Each evening your child will be expected to read at least 20 minutes.  This may be independent reading, reading with a parent or another adult, or the parent reading to the child.  This should be a combination of fiction and nonfiction reading.  Each child will receive a monthly reading calendar that should be returned at the end of the month with a parent signature.  
    • Arrival/Dismissal
      • If your child has a change in his/her normal dismissal procedure, please send an email for your child. Please do not wait until the end of the day to send me this change. I cannot always check my email and do not want to send a child to the wrong location.
      • Masks are required at bus stops and on the buses. There will be assigned seats. Busses will load from back to front so their is less contact. Siblings will be sitting together. 
      • Students may not enter the building until 8:45 a.m. If you are dropping your child off, please stay in a single file car line and do not pull out around other cars. Children should safely exit the passenger side of the car and safely walk into the building. 
      • You will be given a lanyard card for your car that has your child's last name on it. Please have it visible in the window for dismissal. Door A is for pickup for second grade. 
      • Walkers and bikers will be dismissed first then we will start parent pickup and buses. 
    • Book Orders
      • Book Orders:  Your child will bring home optional book order forms throughout the school year.  If you choose to place an order, I encourage you to order the books on line.   If you choose to write a check, please write the check payable to Scholastic Books and return the order(s) in an envelope marked Scholastic Book Order. NO CASH. Our Scholastic Book Order code is: HTCHY
    • Guidance
      • Suzanne Albano and Kristen Gilliland are the school guidance counselors. They can be reached by calling the main office.  Mrs. Albano and Mrs. Gilliland are available to meet with parents and with students.
      • Please refer to Room A3's Handbook, given out at Open House, for more details on the classroom procedures and the second grade curriculum.

    If you have any questions, please call the Ellsworth Hill office(330-653-1236) or email me at HallK@Hudson.edu I check my email before and after school.


    Epic Books Class Code: piz4688