• Homework Policy and Procedures

    You are required and expected to do your daily homework practice EVERY DAY.  It is imperative that you complete every homework assignment as they are designed to review prior material or preview material we will be working on the day it is due.  It has a purpose – trust me :-)

    You must do it THOROUGHLY and CORRECTLY!  You will be provided the answers to your homework problems so that you can CHECK YOUR ANSWERS (AND CORRECT THEM) before you come to class.  (Use the hardcopy answer keys provided or go online)


    Step 1:  https://homework.cpm.org/cpm-homework

    Step 2:  Select your Textbook by clicking the left and right arrows (Core Connections Geometry)

    • The goal is to check all your homework answers BEFORE you come to class and for you to make corrections as needed. The goal is NOT for you to simply copy the work provided online. I CAN tell when you do this. Be honest!
    • If the online resources for the textbook don’t help, Google the topic and look for more help there, call a classmate, email Mrs. Malerick, go to the math lab (its open at 7:30 am M, T, Th and F and sometimes at 8:00 am on Wed)
    • At a minimum, copy down a few hints and make a note to ask about it in class.
    • Answers only – is NOT the way to go! (Answers only = NO CREDIT)


    ABSENT homework:

    If you are absent from class, you will need to be proactive about turning in missed work. 

    • By school policy, you have one day for each day you were absent to complete and submit your absent homework (ex. – you are absent on Monday and return on Tuesday: You will turn in Monday’s homework and Tuesday’s homework when you come to class on block day)

    LATE/MISSING homework:

    If you do not have the homework on the day it is due (or it is incomplete), it is considered LATE/MISSING and will be marked in Home Access Center in SunGard with an “M” to indicate that it needs to be made up and has a score of zero until turned in.

    • Late work will not be accepted after one week from the due date (unless you have been absent).
    • 25% of the total credit will be deducted from late assignments.
    • Detentions & Explorer Period will be assigned for chronic late and missing work.

    And YES…You also must still make up the missed work you earned the detention for. It is due the next class period along with any current work.


    INCOMPLETE/REDO homework:

    • If you have incomplete homework for which you didn’t receive full credit or have been asked to redo the assignment – do it by the next class period – don’t delay!
    • Turn it in to the Inbox to gain credit or increase credit already received.



    • You MUST always follow the Criteria For Credit! (box all answers, answer all parts, etc. etc. etc.)
    • I/we reserve the right to reject homework and/or issue a detention that does not follow the Criteria for Credit!