• MRS. MESMER'S CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS: There is an expectation that all HCSD students understand what it means to be RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, and READY. This is a part of the HCSD's PBIS Plan. 

    What is PBIS - Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies

    This is what the classroom culture looks like in our Spanish I class:

    Be Respectful: Treat others the way that you want to be treated (The Golden Rule).

    • Personal hygeine-it is expected that you wash your hands after using the rest room.
    • Personal hygeine-It is expected that you throw away your tissues and use hand sanitizer.
    • Personal hygeine-If you have a bloody nose or a cut that is bleeding, go immediately to the rest room. Use your arm to push open the doors. 
    • Personal hygeine-If for some reason you have bled onto a table or a chair, please let the teacher know so that the surface can be properly sanitzed.

    Be Responsible: Arrive on time with all necessary school supplies; be positive-No excuses, blaming, or defensiveness towards me or your classmates.

    Be Ready: To learn, to participate, to be inclusive of every person in the classroom, to clean up after yourself i.e. throw trash away, push in your chair.

    PBIS Matrix for Remote Learning

    How are these reinforced in the classroom? 

    1. Verbal and/or Non-verbal Redirect to Model expected behavior.
    2. Teacher communicates concerns with Team about student behavior and talks about behaviors we want to see.
    3. Teacher communicates with parent/guardian about student behavior that teacher(s) want to see.