• To Start:

    College Navigator is a GREAT place to start.  It will help you narrow down schools by state, public/private, size, degrees, and even distance from home. Just quickly click your variables to get started.
    Big Future is another GREAT place to start!  I also helps narrow down your search allowing you to filter based on Test Scores & Selectivity, Type of School, Location, Majors, Diversity, etc.  
    College Board is a nother great place to start as well, including everything from a timeline to follow, a ton of information if you haven't started looking yet, as well as application and essay advice--very comprehensive!   

    How to Pay?

    Worried about paying for college?  This site will walk you through it, including comparing financial aid offers and basic guides to understanding loans, student banking, repayment, and college debt.
    This is another comprehensive site about determining cost and how to pay for college, including cost calculators and many additional links.
    Want Grant and Loan information?  Click here for information.
    FAFSA information and help.

    Interested in how your college and career will pay off down the road?

    Payscale.com provides college rankings based on incomes and jobs that graduates attain, including how the colleges pay off down the road.  It ranks over 1,000 public and private schools. Consider clicking here for their College Salary Report or here for their Career Research information.  This is an AMAZING place to start and to come back to when you have some specific schools in mind!!


    Common App Essay Questions 

    Check here if you're interested in the 2019-20 Common Application Questions-they are the same as last year.  Also, consider clicking on  You Have a Story to Tell. Colleges Want to Read It.  You may have to do this from home--it may be blocked at school.