• Scholarship Suggestions/Sites:

    Scholarship Note:  You should be able to find plenty of non-pay sites; exhaust those before considering paying!!!  You will probably have to create a login with an email, but you will not have to pay any money!

    START HERE!  Many links to numerous different free scholarship opportunities-start here!  Takes a minute to load, but worth it!


    fastweb! links to many different-over 1.5 million-scholarship opportunities.  Definitely check this out!

    Many scholarship opportunities.  Click on "Find Your Scholarship" on the right.  Also has scholarship essay examples, help finding a college, etc...

    Scholarships and College search, but you will have to register and create a login.

    Search over $3 Million in scholarships in 1 spot!

    College Board's Scholarship link is on the right.

    Ohio Grants and Scholarships

    The Maltz Museum gives away $100,000 in scholarships to students for their "Stop The Hate" scholarship contest.  2019-20 Guidelines should be available soon.  Look around and check back soon.

    Facing History and Ourselves awards over $20,000 in scholarships for their "Celebrating Student Voices" essay contest.  2019-20 Guidelines should be available soon.  Look around, browse previous winners, and check back soon.

    The Akron Better Business Bureau (BBB's) Laws of Life Essay Contest "is a competition for character-related essays that challenges youth to reflect on and write an essay about their personal values, particularly principles that are essential and universal, encourage self-reflection and self-understanding."  The 2019-20 Guidelines should be available soon.

    FAFSA information and help.

    Scholarship Note:  New scholarships come in each week, so be sure to check with the Guidance Department frequently.

    When all else fails, try a Google search.  But you still shouldn't have to pay...