• Daily Procedures and Expectations:


    Bring the Following to Language Arts Class Each Day:

    1. English Language Arts plastic folder with prongs and pocket

    2. Planner

    3. Pencil

    4. Current Novel

    6. SSR Book

    7. iPad


    Classroom Guidelines:

    1. Come prepared for class

    2. Raise your hand to speak

    3. Keep your hands to yourself

    4. Respect others


    Written Responses: All written responses to questions should be answered using the RACE method unless different directions are specified by the teachers. This method is used and taught in most of the students' classes.

    Restate the question

    Answer the question

    Cite evidence



    Greek/Latin Words: These words are taught during our folklore unit. The sixth grade curriculum states that we are responsible for learning 57 words. Theses words will be taught in groups of 10 until we begin our novel (then groups of 5). Words will be taught and quizzed the following week. Students are expected to know the meaning of the words as well as figure out the meaning of new words based on the affix and context clues. These quizzes are cumulative-all words taught plus past words will be on the quizzes. Students are strongly encouraged to study 3-5 minutes per night. **SAT words and Greek/Latin words will not be taught at the time.


    Classroom Novel Studies: Throughout the year, we will read novels. Much of the information work regarding the novel will be found in Google Classroom.


    Homework Policies:

    1. It is YOUR responsibility to make up any missed assignments, class notes, etc. Your Study Buddy can help.

    2. Weekly assignments are recorded in planners Monday morning.

    3. The week's assignments and corresponding due dates can be found on the board, Google Calendar, and Google Classroom.

    4. Homework is reviewed and collected at the beginning of class. Homework NOT completed at the beginning of class or on the due date will be late. Work turned in the day after the due date will earn half credit. If students do not not turn the work in the day after it is due, he or she will be invited to a lunch opportunity to complete the work. 

    5. Be aware that some assignments cannot be late.

    6. Missed notes should be copied from your study buddy ASAP.

    7. Your study buddy will also collect any items you missed during class. These documents will stapled and in the "Absent Work" drawer for your class period. 

    8. Please know that students have the number of days he or she was absent to complete any missing work.