Course Information

  • English 10 Syllabus 2019 - 2020

    Mrs. Megan Brewer


    Mrs. Sarah Gradyan


    Mr. Michael Sheridan


    Welcome to English class! We are looking forward to getting to know you and learning with you.  If at any point during the school year you have questions or concerns, we are available to provide extra help via email, during Explorer Period, and most days after school. We are happy to help!


    Classroom Expectations



    • Come to class ready to learn each day with assignments completed and requested materials available.
    • When possible, go to your locker and use the restroom BEFORE or AFTER class.
    • Chromebooks must be brought to class daily, charged and ready for use.
    • Each day, please place phones in your assigned pocket.



    • Please be aware of Hudson High School regulations as detailed in the electronic handbook. Note the sections on attendance, tardiness, dress code, personal electronics, and plagiarism / cheating.
    • Respect your teachers and classmates who are also here to learn.
    • Please keep in mind this is a nut-free classroom.
    • What we will do in the event of a problem will depend on the individual person and the special situation.


    Course Description

    In English 10, you will have the opportunity to read and discuss selected world literature. We will study novels, short stories, plays, poetry, and nonfiction. In addition, you will have the opportunity to strengthen your writing skills. Writing includes narrative writing, literary analysis, argumentation, and research. 


    Major Works may include:

    Night The Secret Life of Bees *Choice Novel

    Much Ado About Nothing All Quiet on the Western Front                  The Odyssey (excerpts)

    *teacher selected list


    Hard copies of some reading materials will need to be secured by individual students. When this occurs, we will give you ample notice to obtain a copy of the book. Books are typically available through the HHS Media Center, classroom library, and the used bookstore in room W70.  


    In class every day you will need:


    * 1 ½ inch binder with 5 dividers / tabs  *Notebook paper

    *Pens, pencils, 2 highlighters *chromebook and charger

    *Current text we are studying




    Your grades in this course will be calculated using total points and will fall into two categories, formative and summative. 


    Formative (Academic Practice) = Approximately 30% of your grade

    May include homework checks, in-class assignments, some quizzes, some writing assignments, participation, and class discussions


    Summative (Academic Achievement) = Approximately 70% of your grade

    May include tests, quizzes, writing assignments, activities, or projects that assess how well you mastered the material we are studying


    Grades will be updated regularly on Home Access Center. Please see us if you have questions or concerns. Do not wait until the end of the grading period to bring up your grade!  


    We will be assigning and checking formative work on a regular basis. If you are present in class and were present when the work was assigned, you are expected to have it completed. Not completing formative work may result in a zero, an assigned Explorer Period, a detention, a missed opportunity for feedback, or a missed opportunity to participate in a learning activity. All summative assignments must be completed; summative work submitted late will earn reduced credit.


    What To Do When You are Absent or Have Questions


    Being present in class is your best key to success! However, if you are absent, late, or miss class for ANY reason, the responsibility lies with YOU to schedule make-up quizzes, complete classwork, and turn in assignments. We expect missed quizzes and tests to be made up on your own time when you return to school. Wednesday mornings and Explorer Periods are available to get caught up. 


    Here are some helpful tools for keeping yourself organized:

    • Use the class Google Calendar and/or a planner to copy assignments from the board.
    • Check Google Classroom on a regular basis for assignments / handouts / announcements.
    • Reach out to your classmates, or email one of us. If emailing a teacher, please contact us with questions no later than 8pm.