In our Evolution unit, you will investigate the theory of how life has changed over time. You will create a model of the Geologic Time Scale and learn about the different theories of Eons, Eras, and Periods of our Earth's history. Through reading, role-playing, problem-solving, modeling and other learning activities you will learn to read the story of Earth's history as it is written in the fossil record.
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      Evolution Unit Learning Goals

      Describe prehistoric life.

      Identify, describe, and analyze trade-offs associated with saving endangered species.

      Describe how the solar system formed.

      Analyze fossils to draw conclusions.

      Create scientific drawings.

      Put events in chronological order.

      Identify key events throughout the Earth’s history.

      Identify and describe significant events throughout the Earth’s history.

      Describe the Earth’s history.

      Identify the theory of when life first appeared on Earth.

      Define variation, natural selection, evolution, and adaptation.

      Describe the process of natural selection.

      Identify and descirbe the role of Charles Darwin in the development of the theory of Evolution.

      Describe how relative age and absolute age of rocks is determined.

      Model natural selection.

      Describe the role of mutations in evolution.

      Read and interpret data.

      Read, interpret and create graphs.

      Analyze data to draw conclusions.

      Analyze the fossil record to explain the appearance and disappearance of species.

      Explain how natural selection can lead to speciation or extinction.

       To see the Ohio Department of Education's New Learning Standards for Science that are addressed by this unit, please visit: http://education.ohio.gov/getattachment/Topics/Ohio-s-New-Learning-Standards/Science/Science_Standards.pdf.aspx