• Genetics: Essential Question - What makes you, you?

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    Genetics Learning Goals:
    • Investigate inherited traits.
    • Identify the pros and cons of genetic testing.
    • Investigate the results of asexual and sexual reproduction.
    • Identify and describe the differences between asexual and sexual reproduction.
    • Describe how traits are passed from parents to offspring.
    • Investigate ways that genetics relates to everyday life. Investigate the probability of gene combinations.
    • Describe the role of probability in genetics. ¡Define genotype & phenotype.
    • Describe the role Gregor Mendel played in understanding heredity.
    • Investigate how Punnett squares are used to predict patterns of inheritance.
    • Explain how alleles affect inheritance.
    • Explain the role of chromosomes in inheritance.
    • Describe the process of cell division.
    • Investigate how traits are passed from parents to offspring.
    • Calculate the probability of inheritance of traits.
    • Investigate how traits are passed from parents to offspring. 
    • Describe and explain the patterns of inheritance.
    • Describe how pedigree is used to study human traits.
    • Read and interpret pedigree charts.
    • Investigate how inherited traits can be caused by multiple genes.
    • Create a Pedigree chart.