Types of Rock
    In our Plate Tectonics unit (Large Scale Geology) you will investigate ways that plate movement causes changes on the Earth's surface. You will critically analyze the effects of these Earth processes in order to determine the stability of an area. You will recognize that earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are indicators of tectonic activity. Additionally, you will investigate how seismic waves help us learn about the interior of the Earth. Through reading, role-playing, problem-solving, graphing, modeling, and other types of learning activities, you will gather information that will help you understand the effects of constructive and destructive Earth processes.
    To access our online textbook and activities, please visit: http://ebooks.lab-aids.com/student-resources.
    Our user name is hudsonmiddle2 and our password is ljohnson. We are working in the "Issues in Earth Science" book and the "Plate Tectonics" unit (D) within this book.
    Plate Tectonics Unit Learning Goals: (By the end of this unit, you should be able to say "I can" before each of the following statements.)

    · Conduct an investigation to model volcanic eruptions.

    · Identify and describe the layers of the Earth.

    · Create a scale drawing of the layers of the Earth.

    · Describe the characteristics of the Earth’s crust, mantle, & core.

    · Identify and describe how geologists learn about the Earth’s interior.

    · Describe and explain how volcanoes can be both constructive and destructive forces.

    · Calculate the volume of regularly and irregularly shaped objects.

    · Calculate density.

    · Conduct an investigation.

    · Explain how scientists learn about the layers of the Earth.

    · Identify and describe the types of heat transfer.

    · Describe the three types of volcanoes & explain how they form.

    · Identify and describe the geologic processes that change the Earth’s surface.

    · Define the role of convection currents in the mantle.

    · Explain how earthquake and volcano data be used to map the Earth’s plates.

    To see the Ohio Department of Education's New Learning Standards for Science that are addressed by this unit, please visit: http://education.ohio.gov/getattachment/Topics/Ohio-s-New-Learning-Standards/Science/Science_Standards.pdf.aspx