Science is a hands-on laboratory class. You will be doing lab activities. Safety in the science classroom is a priority for EVERYONE. To ensure a safe classroom, a list of rules has been developed and provided for you in this student safety contract. These rules MUST be followed at all times. The contract must be signed by you and a parent/guardian before you may participate in the laboratory. Keep this copy in your science folder as a constant reminder of the safety rules.

    1. I will read all instructions/procedures for a given lab activity before it begins.
    2. I will follow the teacher’s written and verbal instructions carefully. If I am in doubt about any part of the experiment I will ask the teacher for assistance.
    3. I will act in a mature manner and behave responsibly while doing lab activities.
    4. I will wear goggles or other protective gear when the teacher tells me to do so.
    5. I will touch lab equipment, chemicals, or other materials in the lab only when told to do so.
    6. I will refrain from eating or drinking in the science lab.
    7. I will maintain a clean work area and keep aisles clear.
    8. I will know the locations of safety equipment.
    9. I will be alert and proceed with caution at all times in the lab. I will notify the teacher immediately of any unsafe conditions that I observe.
    10. I will treat all chemicals as dangerous. I will not touch, taste, or smell them unless told to do so.
    11. I will dispose of all waste materials as instructed by the teacher.
    12. After a lab activity has been completed, I will clean my work area and return all equipment to its proper place.
    13. I will refrain from removing lab materials from the classroom.
    14. I will report any accident or injury to the teacher immediately.

     In the event that I do not follow each and every item in this contract, I am aware that the teacher can and will:

    1. Insist that I pass a safety test before I can participate in another lab activity.
    2. Give me a detention and notify my parents.
    3. Permanently remove me from participation in lab activities because I pose a danger to myself and others.

    Please return this page to Mr. Johnson after reading and signing it together with parents. Due by _________________________.

    REMEMBER - These rules are intended to protect us all. Let’s have a safe and enjoyable school year!

    HUDSON MIDDLE SCHOOL SAFETY CONTRACT FOR SCIENCE CLASS MR. JOHNSON: We have read and reviewed the “Safety Contract for Science Class” together. We understand the rules to be followed and the consequences for choosing not to follow them. I agree to do my best to follow these safety rules at all times.

    Student’s Printed Name: _______________________________________________________________________

    Student’s Signature: _________________________________________________ Date: ____________________

    Parent/Guardian’s Signature: __________________________________________ Date: ____________________