• Welcome to 8TH Grade Science!

    Class Syllabus


    Teacher: Mr. Johnson            Email: johnsonl@hudson.edu

    Room: B220                            Website: www.Hudson.edu/site/johnsonl



    Description: Students examine the major topics of genetics, evolution, geology, and physics, based on the Ohio Academic Content Standards.

    Text:  SEPUP: Science and Life Issues


    • Heredity
    • Genes
    • Inherited traits
    • Acquired Traits
    • Cell division
    • Chromosomes
    • Phenotype / Genotype
    • Allele
    • Heterozygous / Homozygous
    • Dominant / Recessive Traits
    • Punnett Squares
    • Mitosis / Meiosis

    Theory of Evolution

    • Causes of extinction
    • Geologic Time Scale highlights
    • Natural Selection (mutation, variation, adaptations, survival of the fittest, and speciation

    Small scale Geology

    • Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition
    • Creation of landforms
    • Constructive and destructive process
    • Topographical maps
    • Human impact on weathering, erosion, deposition

    Large Scale Geology

    • Continental drift
    • Layers of the earth
    • Earthquakes (P,S, and L waves) and Volcanoes
    • Plate Tectonics (Convergent, Divergent, Transform plate boundaries)
    • Faulting and Folding
    • Lithosphere and Asthenosphere
    • Convection Currents

    Magnetism & Electricity

    • Field-Gravitational, Electric, Magnetic
    • Distance and Mass
    • Potential energy, Elastic energy, Chemical Potential Energy
    • Force Diagrams, Magnitude. Direction
    • Net Force, Unbalanced Force

    Grading: Grades are not given. They are earned.

    Grades are based on labs & Activities, Participation/Binder Checks, Quizzes &Tests.

    A+            97-100                     C+            77-79

    A              93-96                       C              73-76

    A-            90-92                       C-             70-72

    B+            87-89                       D+           67-69

    B              83-86                       D             63-66

    B-            80-82                       D-            60-62

                                                    F              59 and below

    Supplies Needed Every Day:

    1. *Planner*
    2. *Science Journal* (bound composition book)
    3. *Folder/Binder* (for notes, labs/activities, tests/quizzes, and projects)
    4. *Loose-leaf notebook paper*
    5. *2 pencils with erasers* (minimum)
    6. Safety Goggles - to be brought to school no later than __________________
    7. Ruler
    8. Colored pencils (for required graphs, drawings, etc.)
    9. Blue or Black pens
    10. Highlighter

    *Items marked with an “*” must be brought to class everyday!*


    Please stay organized- put papers in the correct tabs, NOT stuffed in the binder. This will hurt you when we have Binder Checks!

    I will let you know in advance if you need to bring other materials (crayons/colored pencils /scissors/rulers/graph paper)J

    Homework Policies:

    1. Unless otherwise specified, you are expected to submit homework at the start of your assigned class period on the next school day.
    2. Points may be deducted from assignments submitted after the due date. Extremely overdue assignments may result in no points being awarded.
    3. It is YOUR responsibility to make up any and all missed assignments, class notes, etc.
    4. Missed notes should be copied from a reliable classmate as soon as possible.
    5. If you miss a lab or activity, you may be given an alternate assignment.
    6. Weekly assignments will be posted on the board.
    7. Ask for assignments ahead of time if you know you will be absent.
    8. Homework is typically an opportunity to review materials previously presented in class and to provide practice. Homework is also assigned to prepare you for the next day’s class.


    Tests and Quizzes:

    • If you miss the day of a test, expect to take the test on the day that you return.
    • Quizzes can be announced or unannounced (“POP”) – be prepared!
    • Study guides will often be provided prior to tests. Please use these guides to help prepare for your tests.


    Extra Credit:

    As educational opportunities arise, EXTENSION OPPORTUNITIES may be offered. There is no guarantee that extra credit opportunities will become available. If extra credit is available, the following must be taken into account:

    1. All regular assignments must be completed in order to work on extra credit opportunities.
    2. It is your responsibility to complete the extra credit and submit it by the announced due date.
    3. Your work must be of a high quality in order to receive maximum extra credit points.
    4. Extra credit opportunities should not be relied upon as a way to make up for missing assignments or poor work.
    5. Extra credit is offered as an opportunity for you to extend your thinking.


    Lab Safety:

    Safety contracts must be read and signed by both students and parents in order to participate in any labs.


    Extra Help:

    Students who need extra help: Please see me during team support. If you do not have team support, please schedule a time to meet with me during my planning period, or before/after school. If you are having trouble in class, PLEASE do not hesitate to ask for help. I will do whatever I can to help you succeed!