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    Honors English 10 Classroom Expectations 2022-2023


    Welcome to Honors English 10! We are looking forward to getting to know you and learning with you. As the year progresses, please feel free to talk to us at any time; we would be happy to help you with anything you need. 


    Classroom Expectations – They are simple!

     We ask for your help in making this class a positive and productive experience for all of us. Come to class ready to learn each day; respect your teachers and classmates who are also there to learn.  Your iPad must be brought to class daily, charged and ready for use. It is expected that your iPad will be used responsibly and only for English classwork while in this classroom. In addition, your phone and earbuds should not be accessible during class time. Please plan to put your phone and earbuds away for our class, as doing so will help you focus on learning. 


    Please be aware of the Hudson High School regulations as detailed in the electronic handbook. Note the sections on attendance/tardiness, dress code, personal electronics (including phone and earbuds), and plagiarism/cheating. For allergy and hygiene reasons, please no food in the classroom. Additionally, please follow all COVID-related district mandates as they occur.


    Beyond these general class procedures,  what we will do in the event of a problem will depend on the individual person and the special situation.


    Organization for Learning

    Google Classroom will be our primary hub for all assignments and communications. It will inform you about what work we will be doing and when assignments are due. If you miss class or you simply need to access class materials--start by looking at Google Classroom. 

    File:Google Classroom Logo.png - Wikimedia Commons

    In order to stay organized, all assignments will be considered COMPLETED when you submit any necessary files AND click TURN IN on Google Classroom.


    Being present for class is key to your success. However, if you miss class for any reason, please take responsibility for make-up work; be proactive in turning in assignments, getting missed notes, scheduling make-up assessments, etc. We will be helpful in getting you caught up, but the responsibility lies with you


    If you have questions, feel free to email us. We will be impressed that you are conscientious enough to seek support. Please reach out to us as early in the evening as possible; prompt communication will help us all stay in the loop and keep you on target with your learning.




    Your grades in this course will be calculated using total points and will fall into two categories, formative and summative. 


    Formative (Academic Practice) = Approximately 30% of your grade

    May include homework checks, class assignments, some quizzes, some writing assignments, participation, and class discussions


    Summative (Academic Achievement) = Approximately 70% of your grade

    May include tests, quizzes, writing assignments, activities, or projects that assess how well you mastered the material we are studying

    Grades will be updated regularly in Home Access Center. Please be proactive; if you have questions or concerns, do not wait until the end of the grading period to address them with us! 

    Formative work will be assigned and checked on a regular basis. Not completing formative work may result in a zero, a missed opportunity for feedback, or a missed opportunity to participate in a learning activity. All summative assignments must be completed; summative work submitted late will earn reduced credit.

    Please note: No formative work will be accepted once its thematic unit is finished. 



    In class every day you will need (as listed in your summer welcome letter):

    • 1” binder with five dividers/tabs 

          Label the tabs Course Info/Reference, MUGS, Reading, Writing, and Vocabulary.

    • Notebook paper

    • Pens (black or blue)/pencils/highlighter

    • Charged iPad *stylus recommended


    We strongly encourage you to routinely read self-selected high-interest works, including novels, nonfiction books, magazines, or other materials that will stretch you as a thinker. For those in a time crunch, try an audiobook or a podcast! 


    Throughout the year, we will be reading materials not included in a textbook. When we do this, we will provide you with ample notice that you will need to secure a copy of a book. Books required for the course will typically be available through the school bookstore and library, and some classroom copies may also be available. You will also need a copy of an MLA resource, which we will be providing. This will be an essential tool for your writing, so PLEASE keep it in your binder for the entire year.Free stock photos of books · Pexels


    We will complete whole class reads and multiple choice units. Major works may include:

    A Separate Peace

    Julius Caesar/Much Ado About Nothing


    Strength in What Remains

    Cry, the Beloved Country

    A Tale of Two Cities


    Thank you for your time and for your wonderful students!


    Please share this page with your parents.  As your “proof of purchase” please take a selfie of you and your parent/guardian reviewing this page together. Upload your very cool selfie to the assignment on Google Classroom titled “Classroom Syllabus Acknowledgement.”         


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