• Third Grade Curriculum & Procedures

    For third grade curriculum & procedures, please refer to this link about 3rd grade, your homeroom teachers class information shared, as well as the East Woods Intermediate School website!

    Homework: Kids being kids, getting out and playing, spending time as a family unit, and reading for enjoyment are priorities. When homework is given, it is not just for the sake of giving homework. I choose activities that are meaningful and not busywork. Sometimes it may be a game to play with you, to teach you something, a project, a sort, a worksheet, etc. Any homework given by me will also be included on their homework and happenings sheet that their homeroom teachers gives them. It is inside their yellow take home folder.  In the corner, I will have my name so they know who to return it to, as well as a due date.

    IEP Information: In regards to when I work with your learner, we will follow what is dictated on their IEP. Per your child’s IEP, we will work on those specific skills in a way the best fits your child's learning style. We will be in communication along the way so that you know how your learner is progressing, strategies, new ideas we might trial, and those great shining moments they have! It is important that we are on the same page with the skills and language we use when working with him/her at home and at school. I will be in touch with you within the first few weeks of school to make go over services so that everyone is understanding the IEP the same way.

    I try to schedule IEP meetings one month in advance. I will check on dates/times with you and also share a collaboration sheet to get your input.

    Parent-Teacher Conferences: When you sign up for your conference with your homeroom teacher I will contact you about setting up an extra amount of time to meet after the meeting (or before if need be). This allows for the homeroom teacher to share what she needs to share, and then we can have that extra time to continue our conversation if we didn't get to IEP related information.

    Communication is so key! If you are ever unsure about something at any time, please reach out to me.



    Mrs. Effinger