Degrees and Certifications:

Degrees B.S. Early Childhood Education M.S. Mild/Moderate Intervention Specialist Certifications PreK-3 Early Childhood Education Grades 4-5 Generalist License Grades K-12 Special Education

Mr. Matthew Lehman

Mr. Matthew Lehman

I am so excited to be entering my 13th year of teaching!!! This is my first year in Hudson City Schools as a Mild/Moderate Intervention Specialist -- my ninth year as an Intervention Specialist. I have also taught elementary, specifically third grade, in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Throughout my career in teaching general education students, as well as students with special needs, I have learned many important ideas about education. The most important idea, to me, is this: a student’s education should be given the utmost respect. As teachers, I believe that we all have the same hard and difficult job of “filling” the future generations heads with the knowledge that will make them beneficial citizens to our society.

During my undergraduate courses at Baldwin-Wallace College, I chose Early Childhood Education as a career. Students at this age do more learning and growing than at any other time in their life and I wanted to be there to help them reach their full potential. Then, after gaining experience in the classroom teaching third grade students, I witnessed students who "fell through the cracks" of the education system. During this time, I chose to pursue a Masters Degree as a Mild/Moderate Intervention Specialist. Educating children with special needs is one of the toughest areas of teaching, but also one of the most rewarding.

During my teaching career, I have taught third grade, students with Autism, middle school Math and Language Arts students (in a Special Education Position as a Co-Teacher), and, currently, as an Elementary Intervention Specialist in grades K-5. I never would have believed that ten years ago, the last eight of which, would have provided some of the best learning opportunities for which I could ask. I look forward to many more years teaching in this field because I absolutely love being part of a dynamic career that can change so many lives.