Third Grade Procedures in A10


    Dear Families, 

    Welcome to our Third Grade Open House.  I feel honored and excited to work with your children this year.  My goal is for each of them to experience success every day in an environment that is challenging, nurturing, positive, exciting and meaningful.  We will discuss the importance of good decision making throughout the year. We will work on the development of critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills through a variety of methods including interactions with other students and hands-on materials.

    The following information explains many of the procedures and activities for our classroom.  Please keep this, as you may want to refer to it during the year.

    Homework-Your child will be expected to read at least 20 minutes per day. Homework is generally a review of what has occurred in class and a connection learning.  

    There will be Reading homework on Mondays and Wednesdays and Thursdays. There will be Math Homework on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Yes, that means on Thursdays students will have the responsibility of completing both Reading and Math homework. Fridays and weekends are for relaxing and family time, but occasionally with a few exceptions over some weekends there will be a math review sent home. 

    For Reading homework, students will have a folder titled, “My Reading Life” brought back and forth from home to school. Their homework directions will be typed out on a separate sheet of paper kept in the folder. The homework will also be kept in their folder at all times. Homework will be spot checked for completion. It will not be collected for a grade. You will not see anything written from me on this homework because we will be doing similar more in-depth activities and work with the same concept and more in class for me to see. Students do need to learn the responsibility of completing homework each night and bringing it to school in preparation for fourth grade and beyond. 

    For Math homework, there will be challenge questions for students to attempt for Math.  These are encouraged to be attempted and not required to be fully finished.  These may often be frustrating and will need family support.  Please keep this in mind all throughout the year as they increasingly get more complex, this rule will always apply.  The homework for Math will be referred to as Home Connections Math Homework.  This will be a green and white booklet that will come back and forth between home and school. Please do not rip out any pages. Students will turn this into a “Turn In Bin” in our classroom during Morning Routines.  I encourage you to be involved in your child’s homework as much as possible. This is a great opportunity for them to explain to you what they are learning and for you to explain your way of learning. I will be providing a Math Talk bookmark as well as a CUBES Strategy bookmark sent home in their homework booklets to encourage these types of talks at home. There is always more than one way to arrive at an answer.  Again, homework will be spot checked for completion. It will not be collected for a grade. You will not see anything written from me on this homework because we will be doing similar more in-depth activities and work with the same concept and more in class for me to see. Students do need to learn the responsibility of completing homework each night and bringing it to school in preparation for fourth grade and beyond. This is more of a chance for repetitive practice and review.  I want to remind you I will not be checking every problem because I will be assessing classroom work and hands-on learning.  We want homework to be meaningful.  Please remember to make sure your child and you remember to initial the Homework and Happenings sheet each day in your child’s Black Take Home Binder.

    Absences-The school policy for make-up work during absences is to collect the work while the student is absent and give it to them upon their return. Most of our classroom work cannot be made up at home due to the “hands on” approach, the amount of discussion, the lack of “worksheets” and the impossibility of duplicating a learning situation.  Please make every effort to have your child here every day unless they are ill. Absence due to vacation is strongly discouraged. Please don’t email asking for this work ahead of your planned trip--We want you to enjoy your trip with your family and collect the missed work upon your child’s return. If you really want or need work on your trip please have your child read a just right book and journal about the trip so he or she may share with the class when you get back. 

    Book Orders-Generally, I send home several book orders from Scholastic each month. Your child may look over these pamphlets and order books at very reasonable prices. Please order books ONLINE. We are unable to process check or cash orders. Books are delivered about two weeks after an order is placed. Please include my class code: P7F4J, when ordering online at https://clubs2.scholastic.com. There is no obligation to order. Please do not send in any cash or personal checks for orders. Everything must be placed online. 

    Permission Slips-Please date each note that you send to school.  Children are not allowed to stay inside during recess.  If you feel your child is too sick to go out for some fresh air at recess, he/she is probably too sick to be in school.

    Dismissal Notes- Anytime your child’s plans deviate from his or her normal routine (including after school activities, visiting friends, going to parent pick-up instead of bus) please send a dated note giving your permission for the change. If something last minute changes during the day, please do not email  us because due to our busy schedule and our attention to your child during the day, we will not have access to frequently check our email during instruction time. We strongly encourage you to contact our school secretary  of any change to your child’s transportation. (330-653-1246) Main Office.

    Snacks- All of our classrooms are nut-free. Classroom snacks must be peanut-free as specified on the Nut-Free Snack List found on the McDowell Elementary School website. Please check your child’s snack each morning to make sure of this. 

    We will have daily snacks.  Students do not have a specified snack time.  They may eat their snack whenever they are hungry.  Snacks should be simple and easily stored in tupperware or bags.  If possible, let’s save spoon or fork related snacks for lunch. Many of our students pack one for the morning and another one for the afternoon.  This is a time for something nutritious – fruits, vegetables, cheese, etc.

    Lunch Charges- When your child forgets his/her lunch money, the Cafeteria will charge the student’s account.  Blue Envelopes are available in the Main Office for students to turn in their lunch money if you do not choose to pay online.

    Classroom Parties- We have four main class parties each year.  These are at Halloween, Winter Holiday, Valentine’s Day, and an End of the Year Party.   Room parents, not teachers will plan and organize these. A Sign-up Genius invite will be sent to you if you are interested in volunteering as a Room Parent and party volunteer. This will not be sent until September due to the beginning of the year activities and learning about your child. This sign-up will ask for help from each class member’s family in the way of donations of food and/or supplies. We will need 2 head Room Parents and 4-6 additional volunteers to help with each party. These parties are all planned, facilitated and supplied by our generous families. I will be there to assist in the management of expected student behaviors and enjoy having a fun time with them! *All parties will begin at 2:30 P.M.  Party dates are TBA. 

    Guidance Services- Kristen Gilliland is our School Guidance Counselor.  She meets with our class once a month teaching us amazing strategies about our Social and Emotional awareness and learning, as well as friendship and safety. She can be reached through the number below. 

    Phone: 330-653-1213

    Email: gillilak@hudson.edu

    Birthday Treats- There are many different ways to celebrate birthdays. We love celebrating each child and making them feel special. The way we do this in our classroom is sing to them after lunch and hear about their plans and age! We also encourage students to bring in a fun game for indoor or outdoor recess or read aloud book to donate to the class for recess and free time use. Children love sharing and choosing their own games to play during these times. Due to district policy we are no longer able to have edible treats to share for birthdays.  Thank you for adhering to this policy. 

    If your child has a summer or holiday birthday, it is fun to choose his or her half birthday to celebrate or pick a date that is close to the actual day.

    Conferences- Scheduled conferences for McDowell School are Wednesday evening, October 23rd, from 5:00-8:40 p.m. and Thursday, October 24th, day and evening, 12:00-8:40 p.m.   I will send an email inviting you to sign up for a conference on SignUp Genius. This will be sent in September around the same time as the volunteer sign-up genius. Please be patient in waiting for this to come via email. 

    I am available to discuss your child’s progress at any time. You may write a note or contact me by email at mitchels@hudson.k12.oh.us. 

    Website –  I will try to update our website weekly, I  will be sending out weekly updates on the class Homework and  Happenings sheet in the students’ Black Take Home Binders. I will send  electronic newsletter updates via email and posted on the website twice a month about what is happening and what we are learning in our classroom. 

    Communication – My email address is mitchels@hudson.k12.oh.us.  Due to the hands-on nature of our classroom, my main priority during the day is to work with your children, therefore I will respond to emails within 24 hours of receiving them. 

    I look forward to a wonderful year of partnering with you to provide the best possible education for your child.

    Together in Learning, 

    Miss Mitchell