• Business Literacy

    (1 semester, ½ credit, Grades 9-12) Meets the Financial Literacy Requirement Meets the ½ credit computer requirement Prerequisite: None  

    Whether interested in starting a business, or planning to major in the medical field, Business Literacy is a course designed to equip students with a strong foundation of financial literacy, and ethical corporate standards that will add value to any career field. The course focuses on a wide array of topics related to finance and business including banking, budgeting, taxation, credit, investing, insurance, and ethics. Established learning techniques are utilized to engage students in real-world simulations, building analytical skills associated with authentic case studies, collaboration in group projects, networking with guest speakers, and interpretation of financial concepts that shape investment strategies and business operations. Students will learn communication and critical thinking skills, along with decision-making techniques. This course meets the State of Ohio Financial Literacy Requirement.


    Topics Explored Will Include The Following:

    • Communication (oral and written)
    • Career Development
    • Banking 
    • Credit
    • Taxation
    • Intro to Investing 
    • Insurance 
    • Budegting 
    • Leadership and Ethics 
    • Computer Skills


    Additional Support: I am available to provide extra guidance and support to students whenever needed. Students may arrange to meet with me before or after school, or during other periods throughout the day when possible.