• In this class we will discuss the origins and the mechanics of how our government formed and how it works today, or how it doesn't at times.  We have the opportunity to duscuss political ideologies and beliefs.  As a class we will discuss politics and students may begin to, or continue to, develop their political beliefs.  This does NOT mean that any Political party is endorsed...Students will receive information and use their own critical thinking skills to determine which political party or issues they care most about.

    We will also learn about the impact of local government on our everyday lives.

    Because this is an election year we will haver converstaions and debates about the candidates and policies that are being talked about in the news and on the campaign trail.

    In this class we will Respect the other students opinions even if we disagree with them.  This classroom will be a place where students feel safe to express their ideas and opinions in a considerate forum.