Where to find help

    Teachers: Teachers are a student’s first and most valuable resource. When a student asks for help, teachers will find the time to provide it.
    Explorer Period: Teachers are available in their classrooms every Tuesday after 3rd period from 10:35-11:05.
    Writing Lab: Room C202 is staffed by an English teacher each period of the day. There are numerous computers and a printer available, so students can come to the Writing Lab if they need assistance from an English teacher or simply need a place to work or print something.
    Math Lab: Room A113 is staffed by a math teacher each period of the day and before school every morning. Students can receive help with assignments but should come with specific questions after having attempted the work on their
    Testing Room: Room C209/C210 is staffed by an intervention specialist each period of the day. Students report here to take a test with IEP accommodations.
    After School Tutoring: This service is offered on Thursdays from 3:00-4:30 in room A106. Tutoring is available in all subjects by NHS students, community members, and Mr. Hill.
    Websites: Teacher webpages may contain valuable resources. For students enrolled in Algebra, Geometry, or Algebra 2, the website has links for student and parent support. Additional online help can be found via a variety of websites such as